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Angus Bull For Sale
Angus Bull For Sale

Celebrating Over 50 Years in the Angus Industry!

Wiles Ridge Ranch believes in excellence in genetics. Our goal is to breed functional females, and prodigious bulls. We strive for cattle that are exceptional by the numbers and phenotypical phenomenons. Our cattle are bred with the commercial and registered breeder in mind; extremely docile animals that will breed generations of enhanced, value-added genetics and profitability. By always thinking about the future, our animals are pioneers of genetic potential!

      Celebrating more than 50 years in the Registered Angus cattle business, Wiles Ridge Ranch is located in the rolling hills of Southern Missouri, at Willow Springs. Raising cattle in the fescue fields of Missouri has been a staple of our farm. Over the last 50 years our focus on quality in genotype, phenotype, and docility has led to an exceptional herd. We are proud of our reputation as an industry forerunner in the development of superior Angus genetics and exceptional customer service.

WRR Objective 913 - Zeus       The base cow herd has always been bred for productivity, calving ease, growth, and docility. Wiles Ridge Ranch has been a substantially closed herd for the past 20 years, with only a handful of females in the herd not having been raised on the farm. To meet the needs of the customers in Southern Missouri the original cattle selection was to have bulls that were calving ease kings with explosive weaning growth. For the past twenty years records have been kept on the gestation time of calves. It is the belief of the farm that the best way to have calving ease and growth is to select cattle with shorter gestation times.

WRR 909 Angus heifer calf       Our position on performance is strong when choosing females for flushing or bulls for breeding we focus on: CED, Birth Weights, Weaning Weights, Yearling Weights, RADG, Ultrasound, Cow Fertility, Gestation Period, and Genomic Testing. We have been genomically testing our cattle for the past 7 years. We currently test 95 percent of all the calves that are born on the farm.

      Through the years, we have used a variety of industry leading sires in our extensive AI program. We have also used our own bulls that through generations of hard work and analysis have become pioneers surpassing industry standards.

WRR Kong 7106 - Kong       Wiles Ridge Ranch Bulls are strong, stout, sound animals that are ready to go to work for you. We breed bulls for longevity, fertility, and profitability-tested genetics, which means more bred cows and profit for your operation.

      When selecting a bull or female from Wiles Ridge Ranch rest assured that the animal, along with many generations, has passed our rigorous grading program, and that we stand behind our animals with a 100% guarantee.

WRR 771 & WRR 910 Angus Cow Calf Pair
      You can experience the difference of a Wiles Ridge Ranch animal by purchasing an animal at one of the many Angus sales we attend. We also offer bulls and females for sale private treaty. You can see us at the SWMOBCIA Bull Sale, Missouri Angus Futurity Angus Sale, Heart of the Ozarks Angus Sale, and the East Central Angus Sale.

We are thankful to all our customers for their continued support, and we appreciate the interest of those who are looking at our bulls and females for the first time.